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Jan 28, 2013 4:00pm EST
ceiling debate? >> absolutely. look what happened with the fiscal cliff. we're going to see nervousness. >> and yet mark you think the fundamentals are good for this economy and this market. >> i think so. while there has been some trepidation as to what the economy was going to look like in 2013 as we were going into the fiscal cliff negotiation at the end of last year, we've now seen in three consecutive months the third being this morning that durable goods orders rose. and in fact trailing three month advance in core capital goods orders is the biggest since the middle of 2011. so you have this mountain of cash in corporate america today. capital stock in the united states. it's the oldest in decades at about 17 years old. i think what we're going to see is a capital spending revival regardless of having to overcome the near-term hurdles which i'm not going to say is inconsequential but they're not insurmountable. >> what do you attribute such a big move in the markets if things are so uncertain? >> there hasn't been participation. the market and the economy are two entirely differe
Jan 28, 2013 9:00am EST
house decided to buy time on the debt ceiling debate. >> they haven't put out a plan. the reason why we wanted to get the debt limit extended is so we can showcase our budgets. here's our plan for economic rule. here's our plan for balancing the budget. here's our plan for entitlement reform, which is necessary if you want to save medicare from bankruptcy and get this debt under control. >> as for 2016, ryan says it's premature to say if he will run for president. >>> several miles of the mississippi river closed this morning after two tank barges loaded with crude oil hit a railroad bridge. happened near the town of vicksburg, about 45 miles west of the jackson. one tank with 80,000 gallons of crude oil zastarted leaking. the coast guard stopped the leak. they're trying to figure out how many gallons spilled into the river. >>> icy conditions causing trouble for drivers. some are hitting slick spots and losing control. the wintry weather already blamed for several accidents. >>> gatorade no longer using an ingredient patented as a flame retardant in its drinks. the oil/flame retardant
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)